A little bit about Frankie Knuckles (1955-2014)

I see the house as revenge of disco », Frankie Knuckles (1955-2014)" ( ... ) The second DJ of the area was a genial giant from the south Bronx , a baby Loft called Frankie Knuckles ( SS Francis Nicholls, his real name). The Knuckles had never worked with him as an assistant Levan another pioneer in blends of Nicky Siano at the Gallery, where the role of this duo was to keep the blood running. "Part of our job was to distort the punch . They gave us LSD tablets and we throw them inside . " In 1977 they called eikosidyachrono Knuckles to move west , to Chicago , to work at a new club , the Warehouse: the space that gives the house music its name .

" It was predominantly black gay club ," recalls Knuckles. " Very emotional , very spiritual place . For most patrons were temple . Opens one day a week : Saturday evening , Sunday morning , Sunday afternoon . Old , between '77 and '81, the party was very strong - always very intense - but the feeling that prevailed , I was very genuine . "In the beginning Knuckles played classic gay disco anthems of Philadelphia International and Salsoul. However, as the wave of disco popped with momentum on the coast but then withdrew and musicians began using electronic means to create a new dance pattern, the Knuckles began experimenting with the raw material of sound itself : intervene in trays , the made changes and wrote again in coils , grew some pieces , cut others, reconfigured the flow to give an additional boost to the track. This had been done in New York , but Chicago was something shocking and new. Soon Knuckles became the greatest and most terrible reputation world city . Started adds to the already programmed mixes rhythms from a primitive beatbox - to 1984, after he left the Warehouse to set up another club, Powerplant, bought a drum computer Roland TR-909 from a terribly active kid from Detroit , the Derrick May. All week began with the computer , katestrone various types beat playing live Saturday evening , starting and then putting the hard drives from the characteristic 909, using it to connect the pieces or to boost the bass at critical points in a song .The Knuckles was not alone . Soon they began to use and other drum machines, as well as the new rival Knuckles the club Music Box - called Ron Hardy and become the nemesis of Knuckles. O Hardy, who died of AIDS in 1992 after a long addiction to heroin , was an alchemist who made magic with pure, clean energy . ( ... ) The Frankie Knuckles was more sophisticated in the way you put music , more businesslike . The Ron Hardy was more blunt . ( ... ) This was not disco , it was something else. Children in the Warehouse have called the rich mix of music Frankie Knuckles "house music" - Now this phrase was used for this new rough sound: the house ».

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